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  Broadcasting from The Chamber of Commerce in Loris, SC

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Welcome To WLSC Tiger Radio

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WLSC Tiger Radio is now heard and seen around the world.  Since 1958,  WLSC has served the communities of Northern Horry County in South Carolina and Southern Columbus County in North Carolina.   Currently, WLSC broadcasts from the Loris Chamber of Commerce, located at 4242 Main Street in downtown Loris, SC.  

WLSC Tiger Radio has taken great strides in researching and developing a bettter entertainment experience for our listeners.  WLSC is the first radio station in the Carolinas to broadcast live streaming video 24/7.  We broadcast on our own video channel, as well as on U Stream.  In addition to broadcasting live video from our radio studios,  we're also able to share the Tiger TV library of vintage movies, classic television shows and original programs with our growing worldwide audience. Tiger TV is the first internet television station in the Carolinas.

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As the official radio station of Myrtle Beach Video Network, you can now watch Tiger Radio WLSC on your televison through Roku and Google TV.  You can also watch us on your iPad, iPhone or other mobile devices. Anytime!  Anywhere!   Launch Our Mobile Stream

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Featured Attractions

star.gif (275 bytes) Mancow.....The Mancow Experience has arrived to the Carolinas.  You've seen him on Fox, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and The History Channel.  Listen weekdays 4 PM- 7 PM (Eastern).

star.gif (275 bytes) The Pressbox with Allen Smothers ...... The Bad Boy of Sports Radio jumpstarts the day with local and regional sports talk.  The Uncommon Voice of the Common Fan is on weekdays 8 AM - 10 AM.

star.gif (275 bytes) The Banana Jack Murphy Show ...... Don't miss the "Top Banana of Talk Radio".  Live from the studios of WLSC Tiger Radio, it's The Banana Jack Murphy Show.  This could be the zaniest show in talk radio. (Coming Soon)

star.gif (275 bytes) Alex Jones.....Can you handle the truth?  It's The Spirit of 1776 against the Mindset of 1984.  Listen weekdays Noon - 3 PM (Eastern).

star.gif (275 bytes) The Josh Tolley Show ......Politics, religion, economics, entertainment and a whole lot more.  Josh covers it all on his show.  Tune into to the one-man circus weekdays, 10 AM - Noon.

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          star.gif (275 bytes) Want to host your own radio show?  Are you an expert in your field? You can host your own program on WLSC Tiger Radio for less than the cost of a commercial on some stations.  Call Jack Murphy at 843.80.TIGER (843.808.4437) or send us an e-mail.

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Banana Jack Murphy Productions LLC

WLSC Tiger Radio    Post Office Box 578   Loris, SC 29569

Studio - 843.80.TIGER (843.808.4437)  Fax - 801.838.3262   email -

Broadcasting from the Loris Chamber of Commerce   4242 Main Street   Loris, SC 29569