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Tiger Radio History


Tiger Radio WLSC, The Classic Country Station ( 2015 - )

WLSC Tiger Radio made the switch to Classic Country at High Noon on Labor Day 2015 (September 7th).  I've Got a Tiger By The Tail by Buck Owens and The Buckaroos was the first song played..


Tiger Radio WLSC, A New Breed of Talk Radio ( 2012 - 2015 )

WLSC Tiger Radio now features great talk personalities like Banana Jack Murphy, Allen Smothers, Alex Jones, Doug Stephan, Josh Tolley and Jason Lewis.  Stay tuned as we unleash a new brand of talk radio.


WLSC Becomes Tiger Radio ( 2009 - 2012 )

On October 14, 2009 WLSC in Loris, SC became the new Tiger Radio and an Oldies format was launched.  Radio legends like Dick Clark, Casey Kasem and M G Kelley were heard on the Mighty Tiger.  Great music from 1954-1977 was featured daily until a switch to "a new breed of talk radio" was launched on Thanksgiving 2012.

WLSC ( 1958 - 2009)

WLSC signed on at 1570kc in August of 1958, which was 7 years earlier than WTGR.  The station later moved to 1240 and even changed call letters to WVSL in 1984.  The station reassigned the WLSC call letters in 1986.  

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(Photos courtesy of Edward Suggs)

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Grand Opening of WLSC Studios on Main Street in Loris April 2008


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The WLSC marquee was a landmark in downtown Loris from February 2008 until April 2012. 

WLSC Tiger Radio relocated to a new studio located in the Loris Chamber of Commerce in May 2012.

There have been many owners through the years.  JARC Broadcasting owned the station between 1989 and 2007.  Banana Jack Murphy Productions LLC assumed control of WLSC on November 30, 2007.  Through the years, WLSC has broadcast several formats including country, bluegrass and religious programming..  


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Photographs of the TigerRadioOnline studios.   The WTGR/Tiger Radio record collection is owned by Banana Jack Murphy.



TigerRadioOnline and TigerRadio.com (2000 - 2005)

Banana Jack Murphy, along with Bob Scarborough of Waccamaw Media launched an internet only tribute station, TigerRadioOnline.com,  in 2000.  The station featured jingles and music from the original WTGR library.  The studio was located at the offices of Waccamaw Media on Wesley Street in Myrtle Beach, just a few blocks from Freestyle Music Park (formerly Hard Rock Park). 

In 2003, Banana Jack Murphy acquired the website, TigerRadio.com.   TigerRadioOnline.com remained on the air until 2005.  The Tiger has been silent until now....

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Banana Jack Murphy Productions LLC